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Smartmatka Introduction :

Matka is a form of game which is usually played to try your luck on numbers. The game belongs to the country of India from past times. The game allows its users to predict some some numbers before diving into the game and then checkout the results if that went in their favour or not. The results are based on the random selection of numbers and the one who is lucky gets the price alloted. This game is suggested to be played with caution and at users own terms as it may become addictive. The game results are displayed via websites or even through charts. The game is quite popular among the locals and they may enjoy the game and this game has multiple types and formats and for each game type there are different set of rules and regulations. And the prices may also differ based on the game.

What is Smartmatka?

Smartmatka is an game which is usually played on the opening and closing rates of cotton from New York Cotton Exchange. While the market of the game has spreaded a lot and has included various other commodities. Here like Matka game players predict some numbers or even some combinations and much more. The game winner is allotted based on the lucky draw at the end. The player whose numbers matches with the drawn result is announced as the winner. The prizes here are good and the players can play this game anytime throughout the day which has made this game so popular till date. But before playing this game the rules needs to be understood by the candidate who plays it to increase their chances of winning the game before just starting it blindly. After having proper knowledge about the game and how it works participant may be more aware of the game and with knowledge their chances of predicting the numbers might increase and their chances of winning may increase too.

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How to Play Smartmatka?

What is Smartmatka?

The game is quite popular among the locals and specially the middle class people in India. The game is available to play in various formats, one can visit offline or may participate in the game via websites available on the web. 

The game स्मार्ट मटका is explained below :

1) Players needs to guess the numbers or combination of numbers which are usually the opening and closing rates of various commodities depending on the game. 

2) The game is played where players needs to choose total three numbers from the range of 0-9. 

3) After selecting the numbers the players may participate in the game and hope that the results comes out to be their selected numbers or combination of numbers. 

4) The three numbers combined of the opening rates predicted by the participant forms an half result and the other half is formed by the closing rates combination. Here’s an example : assume the opening rates are 1,5,9 and closing rates are 4, 6,3 then the appropriate winning prediction would be 159-463.

5) If the numbers are predicted in an appropriate manner as per the opening and closing rates then the player is announced as the winner and gets the prize allotted.

Where can one play this game?

As the game स्मार्ट मटका is mostly popular on the offline market, majority of the participants visit the stores present in the streets in India. The game smartmatka is quite popular in mumbai and people may even look for mumbai smart matka kalyan game and even Mumbai smart matka prabhat and may play the game over there. But the game is also available to play online on various websites where the players may take participation and may start their luck journey. Majority of the participants play this game in their free time which is usually lunch time or at late night after work. The game played both online or offline is at player’s own terms and responsibility as it may become addictive.

You should be aware about these things before playing Smart Matka:

This game “smartmatka” usually involves luck and needs good understanding of the game and prediction quality as there is only one right appropriate combination of the numbers. Randomly predicting the numbers won’t help you as you need to understand the market of the commodity and then predict the opening and closing rates to increase your winning chances. The players can play in both the modes via online or offline. The only requirement in this game is analysis and then predicting the numbers. Without proper research there are less chances for someone to win the prize allotted. Participants may do research for the game smartmatka and understand the opening closing rates in the market and firstly just trying with smaller investments may be favorable and with experience they may go for it.

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How to win in smartmatka

How can you win in smartmatka? And what are the fees?

Winning on smartmatka can be based on luck and certain possibilities of various Numbers. Many Users may have suggested that always start with small amount don’t go with higher amount in starting. Once you are experienced you can increase your amount little by little. There are also many telegram channels that can may help you with smart matka. You may also read the previous charts and study them to understand it better. Just focus on getting the right combination once you have set the numbers you are ready to go. Experience might always help in life and this type of game too. The more a participant may try to learn the game the better they may understand the numbers combination and may go for it without hesitation.

What are the winning tricks in Mumbai Smart Matka?

The results develop in this are just the combination of random numbers. So it may based upon luck and understanding of the game. Main elements which comes in winning in Smartmatka is researching the surrounding and platform. Some users also combine it with strategies, analysis and prediction. You should also know and understand how to read charts. You should play close observation and awareness to the winning numbers. There might not be an perfect winning strategy for this game, the best an participant can do is to give time to the game and understand it’s concept and after learning they may try their luck. And if their knowledge gets support from their luck then they may even win bigger in smartmatka. You may have to increase your guessing power for more accuracy and chances of winning. But as you know this can also be unpredictable and sometimes may not favor calculations.

What are the prizes in smartmotka?

This Platform comes with unpredictable and random chances of winning. Odds can be greater in this game but you may also get that much results when your prediction is correct. Winners may get prizes in amount of money which can be as low as few hundreds and as high as in lakhs depending upon the outcomes and results of the game. Different amounts are set for different types of games so there is level of up down in this sport.

How to Register and Login yourself in Smartmatka?

How to register in smartmatka

Login and registration process can be different for different websites. First you need to sign up yourself and create account in the respective website. You may have to enter your name, email and mobile number sign up for the account in this game. Always set your password which is many letters and characters. Always make your account from official website for trust and Faith. In case you forgot your password you can tap on forward password button and reset it successfully.

Guidelines for winning in smartmatka

These are the certain guidelines that may help you with better understanding and logic of this game. Always priorities yourself on first learning the rules and the outcomes of the game. Start with a small amount and set the budget first. In this game you should always play with patience by remaining calm and cool mind. Only play in trusted platforms and organisations. And last enjoy it’s process while taking some break from it.


Here at we provide information regarding matka games and we don’t promote it in any means. is not involved in any legal or illegal business like gambling or satta. We are just sharing knowledge about this field. Before playing any satta game the user must try to understand the game and after knowing it’s pros and cons.

User Queries

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